Community Connector Undergraduate Program

Principal Investigator(s)

Todd Pollock

This undergraduate program was designed to prepare students in the health sciences with the skills necessary to provide and facilitate comprehensive and team-based care across the continuum.  The seminar focuses on the patient population at high-risk for frequent readmission to the hospital. 


The course has been structured to emphasize:

  • Understanding this patient population, the health system and health behavior challenges associated with this population, and systematic needs associated with reducing their health care needs; and
  • Exposing students to the patient population through visits at the hospital, home, and community including providing in-home assessments, patient education, and behavior change techniques. 


By the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Critically discuss the health needs of this vulnerable/high risk population along with barriers and facilitators of the population’s use of and access to health care services.
  • Assess the in-home health needs of the vulnerable/high risk population and provide appropriate recommendations to improve health and safety within the home.
  • Identify and implement strategies for promoting health behaviors and goal-setting within the patient population.
  • Evaluate current gaps in health services provided to the vulnerable high risk population and provide recommendations on how to improve their health, quality of life, and well-being.