Behavioral Health Specialists' Readiness for Integrated/Collaborative Care in Pennsylvania: A Practitioner Survey

Principal Investigator(s)

David J. Kolko, PhD

The identification, evaluation, and care of children/adolescents with developmental, behavioral, and emotional problems is becoming an integral part of their general or primary healthcare. Of course, this kind of work takes a lot of time and effort. And, yet, little information is known about the types of activities being completed to promote this mission or the professional needs/interests of those delivering these activities. This survey is the first step in trying to understand the solutions that Pennsylvania’s behavioral health specialists (mental health, developmental, etc.) have initiated to address the need to promote the competencies and relationships required to develop a sustainable workforce prepared for interprofessional care and collaboration. Based on extensive literature reviews, discussions with colleagues, and the research team’s recent experiences delivering integrated care, a brief survey was administered to a large representative network consisting of over 300 behavioral health specialists affiliated with the Recovery and Community Providers Association (RCPA). The survey questions obtain details about existing professional relationships with pediatric, family medicine, and other primary healthcare providers serving children/adolescents and their involvement in delivering collaborative or integrated behavioral health care. The information was collected online, summarized, and is being prepared for scientific presentations and policy discussions to promote integrated care models across the Commonwealth.