About the Medicaid Research Center

Medicaid is the nation’s publicly financed health and long term care program that currently covers over 70 million people, including low-income children and adults, the elderly and disabled. Jointly funded by states and the federal government, Medicaid fills gaps in the US health system for those that lack access to private insurance and covers more than 2/3 of all nursing home residents. Medicaid is the largest payer for births, mental health, and long term care in the United States. Medicaid enrollment has increased considerably with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion and will continue in the coming years. Health reform and state and federal budget deficits are driving significant change in the Medicaid program, and the need for research informed policy decision-making has never been greater.  

The Medicaid Research Center provides analytical support in monitoring and evaluating changes in health insurance coverage; access to care; program efficiency and effectiveness; and the quality of health care delivery in the Medicaid program.