Hospitalist Care: Solidifying the Role of Advanced Practice Providers (APP) on Interprofessional Hospitalist Teams to Improve Cost, Quality and Outcomes

Principal Investigator(s)

Julia Driessen, PhD


  • Johanna Bellon, PhD(c), MS, CFA
  • Jeanette Trauth, PhD

This study builds on the work of UPMC ERMI to quantify cost and quality difference between APP hospitalist teams and usual care teams, which can be used for dissemination of this model within UPMC. The APP residents were introduced into Passavant and St. Margaret in the summer of 2014. It also qualitatively examines the implementation of the model and what roles the teams members are playing on the team to ensure effective dissemination. Finally, it qualitatively assesses the hospitalist APP residency for interprofessional readiness and content knowledge. This project is an incubator site within the National Center on Interprofessional Practice and Education.