About the Stern Center for Evidence-Based Policy

The mission of the Stern Center for Evidence-Based Policy (“Stern Center”) is to foster, support, and lead rigorous scientific research initiatives that inform health policy making with objective, actionable analysis. The goal of our work is to ensure that U.S. health policy reflects the best and most current research evidence available.

Why Evidence-Based Health Policy?

Evidence-based policymaking is defined as a “process that helps planners make better-informed decisions by putting the best available evidence at the center of the policymaking process” (UN). To address the health needs of the population, proposed health policies should be grounded in methodologically sound analysis of the existing evidence. When feasible and appropriate, predictive modeling should also be used to assess the impact of proposed policy solutions. Too often policy decisions are made without full consideration of the available research evidence or the results of policy modeling to understand likely economic and health outcomes.

Who We Are

The Stern Center for Evidence Based Policy (“Stern Center”) partners with stakeholder organizations, foundations, individual philanthropists and governmental bodies to meet the most important challenges facing our health system. We bring together experts from across the health and social sciences to collaborate on applied policy research projects. Subject matter experts are supported by a team of political scientists, health economists, biostatisticians, information scientists, and regulatory experts who provide the methodological and technical infrastructure to carry out the Center’s work.

The Stern Center’s research products are designed to deliver evidence-based analyses and recommendations to health policymakers at the national, state, and local level. What sets the Center apart is our breadth of expertise and a unique approach to prioritizing research, conducting systematic reviews, and using findings to develop agent-based microsimulation models that forecast the impacts of policy changes. Housed in the Pitt Health Policy Institute, the Stern Center has direct access to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Health Sciences Library System and a health research faculty recognized as one of the finest in the nation. To enrich our work, we collaborate extensively with many other academic institutions and research organizations. Please visit our research page to become familiar with just a few of our current research initiatives.

Our Partners

The Health Policy Institute has been privileged with the support of many exceptional partners. The Stern Family Foundation provided seed capital for the Center for Evidence-Based Policy, and continues to co-fund initiatives that develop best practices for evolution of health, education and welfare programs on regional, state and national levels.  Partnerships enrich our work and help us make a positive impact.