Pharmaceutical Policy


Post-Hospital Opioid Use

Dr. Julie Donohue is lead author of a pivotal study examining patterns of opioid use among opioid-naive patients after hospital initiation.

A New Safe Harbor

In a recent perspective piece in NEJM, Dr. Gellad discusses the history of drug rebates in Medicare Part D and potential implications of the HHS proposal to elimate safe harbor protections for rebates.

Vets and Overdose Risk

Researchers found that Veterans receiving opioid prescriptions from the VA and Medicare Part D have a three-fold increase in risk of overdose death. Lead author Dr. Patience Moyo is a former CP3 Postdoc.

AI & Risk Prediction

CP3 researchers are using innovative machine learning approaches to more accurately predict risk of opioid overdose. Read more about this work here and here.

Physician Peer Networks

In a PLoS One paper, CP3 faculty report that peers strongly influence physician adoption of new drugs.