2019 News & Events

CNBC Interviews Hernandez About Drug Pricing Study
January 14, 2019 — "Rising drug prices affect uninsured or underinsured patients, patients with high-deductible plans, those in the deductible or doughnut hole phase of their plans, the government as a payer, and all Americans in the form of higher premiums," CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez told CNBC. Read More »
Inma Hernandez Talks Drug Pricing on WESA
January 14, 2019 — “Pharmaceutical manufacturers realize our health care system is very fragmented, and payers don’t have, in many cases, much leverage,” CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez told WESA-FM's Sarah Boden. “So, they take advantage of that.” Hernandez spoke with Boden about a drug pricing study Read More »
Hernandez Drug Pricing Study Cited in News Story
January 13, 2019 — The recent drug-pricing study led by CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez was cited in an ABC News piece about rising drug prices. Read More »
Gellad Calls COI Policy Changes a Watershed Moment
January 11, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad spoke with the New York Times and ProPublica about significant changes in Sloan Kettering's conflict of interest policy after a scandal last year. Gellad called the changes a "watershed moment." Read More »
CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez Discusses Drug Cost Drivers
January 7, 2019 — "The main takeaway of our study should be that increases in prices of brand-name drugs were largely driven by year-over-year price increases of drugs that were already in the market," CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez, PharmD, PhD, told NPR's Alison Kodjak. Kodjak reported on a recent Read More »
Study Quantifies Drug Price Increases
January 7, 2019 — A study led by CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez shows how much drug list prices are increasing compared to inflation.  STAT Plus reports on the findings. Read More »