2017 News & Events

How Hype can mislead cancer patients, families
April 26, 2017 — In an interview with Liz Szabo, Dr. Gellad spoke about how hype can mislead cancer patients and their families.  Read More »
Interview with Minnesota Public Radio
April 25, 2017 — Dr. Walid Gellad spoke with Kerri Miller of Minnesota Public Radio about drug pricing in the current administration. Listen here. Read More »
Mylan hit with class-action lawsuit over EpiPen Pricing
April 3, 2017 — Monday Mylan was hit with a class-action lawsuit accusing them of illegally inflating EpiPen prices. In an interview with Wes Venteicher of the Trib, Dr. Gellad speaks to the fact that although Mylan is specifically names in the suit, it's a general indictment of drug pricing in general Read More »
Drug Shortages
March 21, 2017 — Each year the United States experiences a shortage of over 100 drugs, many of which are sterile injectable products for life-threatening conditions like septic shock and cancer. In an editorial in this week’s issue of JAMA, CP3 co-director Julie Donohue, PhD, and her colleague Derek Angus Read More »
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic (JAMA)
March 13, 2017 — In JAMA Internal Medicine, CP3's Director Walid Gellad, along with Drs. Good and Shulkin, published a viewpoint on addressing the opioid epidemic in the United States. They share lessons learned from the Nation's Veteran population - specifically those treated in Department of Veteran's Read More »
Should Medicare Leverage Buying Power?
February 7, 2017 — Dr. Walid Gellad spoke with Alison Kodjak of NPR about the potential impact Medicare negotiations with pharmaceutical companies could have on drug prices.  Read More »
Price Fixing Insulin
January 31, 2017 — In an interview with Reema Khrais of Marketplace, Dr. Gellad discusses allegations that three of the largest drug makers of insulin are engaged in price fixing.  Read More »

2016 News & Events

Dr. Gellad Discusses Proposition 61
October 24, 2016 — Dr. Gellad spoke with Ben Bradford of Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, CA, about Proposition 61. Proposition 61, the Drug Price Standards Initiative, proposed regulating drug prices by requiring state agencies to pay no more than the US Department of Veteran's Affairs pays for Read More »
NPR Interview - Rising Drug Prices
October 18, 2016 — In a radio interview with Dan Gorenstein of NPR/MarketPlace, Dr. Gellad discusses the spike in drug prices - 7% last year. Listen to the interview on their website and read more. Read More »
Sarepta to Charge $300K for Duchenne Drug
September 19, 2016 — In an interview with Ed Silverman of Statnews, Dr. Gellad discusses the new Sarepta Therapeutics Drug for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, coming in at roughly $300,00 per year for patients.  Read More »
Mylan EpiPen Firestorm
August 29, 2016 — Dr. Gellad, in an interview with Anna Edney and Cynthia Koons of Bloomberg, discuss the controversial price hike in Mylan's EpiPen. With a price hike of roughly 400%, there were serious concerns over where this number came from and how customers were going to afford it. Read More »
Dr. Gellad's Editorial on the Costs of Delayed-Entry Generics
June 27, 2016 — Dr. Gellad publishes editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine, commenting on a recent study describing the costs associated with delayed entry of generic Lipitor.   Read More »
Yan Tang Accepts Position at RTI
May 15, 2016 — Proud to announce that Yan Tang, PhD, who just completed the postdoctoral training program at CP3, accepted a position at RTI International.  Yan's predecessor and CP3's first postdoctoral fellow, Jenny-Lo Ciganic, is now junior faculty at the University of Arizona School of Pharmacy. Read More »
Do Prescription Drug Ads Help or Hurt Consumers Seeking Relief
April 20, 2016 — An article by Chandra Johnson of the Patriot Ledger investigates the potential harm prescription drug ads can have on individuals seeking relief. The American Medical Association is stead-fast in its position against direct-to-consumer advertising, citing it "inflates demand for new and Read More »
Finally, Some Theranos Data. But Not From Theranos
March 28, 2016 — An article by Matthew Herper of Forbes discusses a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation by researchers at Mt. Sinai investigating the accuracy of Theranos, a blood test company which replaces routine blood draws with finger pricks. Researchers analyzed results Read More »
Your Doctor is Ripping you Off
March 22, 2016 — An article co-published by Salon, NPR, the Boston Globe, and the Tampa Bay Times, discusses the impact of physicians receiving payments from pharmaceutical companies - does it correlate with how they prescribe drugs (name brand or generic?). An analysis by ProPublica is able to provide Read More »
How well do older Americans understand TV Drug Ads
March 21, 2016 — An article by Dylan Scott of Statnews discusses an upcoming study by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which will test older (60 and older) Americans' understanding of drug commercials on TV. They will compare their comprehension of simple versus complex TV ads. As Dr. Donohue stated Read More »
How to Make the Most of Drugs We Already Have in NYT
February 23, 2016 — In an interview with Austin Frakt of the NY Times, Dr. Gellad discussses the off-label use of many medications in lieu of additional research on the part of the drug companies to evaluate additional uses.   Read More »
Medicare Drug Price Negotiation
February 5, 2016 — Dr. Gellad quoted in New York Times article on Medicare drug price negotiation.   Read More »
NPR Interview -- Industry-Wide Drug Price Hikes
February 4, 2016 — Recent surveys have shown significant drug price hikes throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Walid Gellad discusses this with Ashley Milne-Tyte of NPR MarketPlace. Read More »
Medicare, A Lousy Drug Negotiator
February 2, 2016 — In an interview with Margot Sanger-Katz of the NY Times, Dr. Gellad discusses Medicare drug pricing. As Ms. Sanger-Katz states, currently private insurance companies seperately negotiate deals on behalf of Medicare patients. What if instead, the government directly negotiated with drug Read More »

2015 News & Events

Inside the Impossibly Byzantine World of Prescription Drug Prices
December 21, 2015 — In an interview with Dylan Scott of Statnews, Dr. Gellad discusses misleading list prices pharmaceutical companies report and the behind the scenes negotiations which result in the actual cost to consumers.  Read More »
Doctors Vote to Stop Drug Ads to Consumers
November 20, 2015 — The American Medical Association is calling for a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs and medical devices. The group says the commercials are boosting demand for expensive — and sometimes inappropriate — treatments, and fueling the rise in drug prices. Read More »
The 'Pink Pill': The Female Viagra
October 1, 2015 — Dr. Gellad speaks with Melanie Abbott of BBC Radio about flibanserin, a failed antidepressant now called the 'female Viagra'. Listen here.  Read More »
Efficacy and Safety of Flibanserin
September 1, 2015 — CP3 Co-Director Walid Gellad, MD, MPH authored a viewpoint in JAMA describing the efficacy and safety of flibanserin for female hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).  Dr. Gellad was a member of the FDA panel that reviewed data on the medication on June 4, 2015. Read More »
VA grant to study opioid medication use
March 2, 2015 — CP3 Co-director Walid Gellad receives three year VA grant to study opioid medication use among Veterans receiving care from multiple health systems. Read More »
2015 AcademyHealth New Investigator grant
February 9, 2015 — Dr. Olufunmilola Abraham (previously Odukoya) was selected as a recipient of the 2015 AcademyHealth New Investigator grant for her research entitled “OTC Sleep Aids: Older Adult Medication – Taking Behavior and Safety Risks." Read More »

2014 News & Events

CDC study on formulary impact on prescription drug abuse
September 30, 2014 — Gerald Cochran and Julie Donohue will lead a team of CP3 faculty and staff in a new two year partnership with the CDC to study how formularies can impact prescription drug abuse and overdose. Read More »
Could Hepatitis C Eventually be a Rare Disease?
September 23, 2014 — Dr. Gellad spoke with David Templeton of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette regarding the treatment of individuals with Hepatitis C. Medications exist which can treat and cure a patient with Hepatitis C, unfortunately they come with a large price tag. The decision for many patients is made by Read More »
Vasculitis Research Initiative to assess Disease Impact
August 28, 2014 — Carolyn Thorpe discusses her study, "Vasculitis Research Initiative to assess Disease Impact (V-RIDI)," in a video posted by the Vasculitis Foundation Read More »
The Impact and Evolution of Medicare Part D
August 21, 2014 — CP3 Co-Director Julie Donohue, PhD publishes perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine accompanied by audio interview: "The Impact and Evolution of Medicare Part D." Read More »
Medicare Part D benefit design and generic drug use
June 30, 2014 — Graduate student and CP3 member Yan Tang published an article in the June issue of Medical Care examining the impact of Medicare Part D benefit design on the use of generic drugs. Read More »
Potential cost savings for Medicare Part D
June 15, 2014 — Dr. Yuting Zhang publishes an article in Health Affairs outlining potential cost savings to Medicare Part D. Read More »
Medication adherence for cancer therapy drugs
February 1, 2014 — Dr. Gellad publishes editorial in the Journal of Clinical Oncology about the importance of medication adherence for new oral targeted cancer therapy. Read More »