Janice Pringle

Dr. Pringle is an epidemiologist by training, with extensive experience in health services research. She has conducted numerous health services research studies and program evaluation efforts involving (but not limited to): screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT), innovative addiction treatment approaches, chronic disease intervention and prevention models, medication adherence interventions, and patient access to care improvement efforts. She has also developed a framework for assessing organizational health and guiding systems transformation, which has been used with the Veterans Health Administration, primary care practices, and Integrated Care practices, among other health care sites and entities. Additionally, she is the Co-Chair of the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Program’s Clinical Standards Committee. Throughout her career, Dr. Pringle has secured over $140 million in grants from a variety of sources, and she has developed healthcare policy research and briefs that have been used to inform policy development at both the state and federal level.