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AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting 2018
June 24-26, 2018
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington


CP3 was well represented at the upcoming AcademyHealth ARM.  Here is their presented work.

Dose-Response Association between Concurrent Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use and Risk of Opioid- Related Overdose
Hernandez, I, He, M, Zhang, Y

Patterns of Opioid Prescriptions Received Prior to Unintentional Prescription Opioid Overdose among Veterans
Moyo, P, Zhao, X, Thorpe, C, Thorpe, J, Sileanu, F, Cashy, J, Hale, J, Mor, M, Radomski, T, Hausmann, L, Hanlon, J, Good, C, Fine, M, Gellad, W

Understanding Prescription Opioid Quality Measurement in the Context of Cancer
Moyo, P, Gellad, W, Sabik, L, Donohue, J

Variation in Low Value Health Service Use within the Department of Veterans Affairs
Radomski, T, Huang, Y, Park, SY, Sileanu, F, Thorpe, J, Thorpe, C, Fine, M, Gellad, W

Quality Measurement for Prescription Opioids and Benzodiazepines
Chair: Garrison, L; Discussant: Gellad, W

Adaptation and Initial Validation of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) Mortality Risk Index to MDS v3.0
Niznik, J, Zhang, S, Mor, M, Zhao, X, Ersek, M, Aspinall, S, Thorpe, J, Gellad, W, Hanlon, J, Schleiden, L, Springer, S, Thorpe, C

The Contribution of New Product Entry Vs Existing Product Inflation in the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs
Hernandez, I, Good, C, Cutler, D, Gellad, W, Parekh, N, Shrank, W



Center for Bioethics and Health Law
Dealing with Drugs: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues
From the Opioid Epidemic to Budget-Busting Blockbuster Drugs
Annual Medical Ethics Conference – 2018
Friday, March 23, 2018
University of Pittsburgh


Pitt's Center for Bioethics and Health Law hosted a conference to explore the varied roles drugs play in the health of individuals and in their communities. Speakers from the University of Pittsburgh and other institutions addressed ethical, legal, and policy issues associated with the roles of drugs and drug users.  CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad is presented a talk on "Medication Adherence in the Era of Expensive Oral Cancer Therapy." CP3 Co-Director Dr. Julie Donohue spoke on "Policy Challenges in Expanding Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment."

For more information, visit the conference page.



Medication Adherence Conference, 2015

In June 2015, Dr. Gellad chaired a conference on Medication Adherence entitled "The Science of Medication Adherence. Moving Adherence Measurement Forward". The conference was a unique opportunity to bring together individuals from academia, industry, and government from across disciplines to focus on the science of how adherence is and should be measured.

This inaugural conference focused on two issues central to adherence measurement:

  • Measuring adherence in patients taking multiple medications for multiple chronic conditions,

  • Measuring adherence longitudinally

Additional key topics related to medication adherence were also discussed at the conference.

  • Identifying and synthesizing the gaps in current measurement methods;

  • Measuring adherence within a delivery system, rather than in specific patients;

  • Implications of setting adherence thresholds as clinical and policy targets (i.e. is 80% PDC right for everyone?);

  • Identifying how technology/electronic medical records can change the measurement of adherence;

  • Implications of adherence measurement in clinical trial design; and

  • Implementation of adherence measures in real-world health systems and practice