Bright (optimism) IDEAS

Bright (Optimism) IDEAS

Project Period: 1990-present PI: Robert Noll, PhD               
Funding Source: Varies but includes 3 R01s and an R25e
Researchers: OJ Sahler, MD, University of Rochester Co-PI

Following a diagnosis of cancer in a child, caregiver distress is understandably high. Researchers investigated evidence-based interventions to help improve these symptoms. Over three large randomized clinical trials (N >1400), researchers have shown that the Bright IDEAS Problem Solving Skills Training improves caregiver problem solving skills which leads to less distress, fewer symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress. The caregivers who received the intervention have shown that the benefits persist over time and the greatest gains have been documented in low SES, single, minority caregivers. 

Bright IDEAS trains professionals to use this evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy to assist caregivers in developing constructive coping skills. Dr. Noll's current R25e focuses on disseminating this evidence-based intervention to professionals across the United States, To date, over 250 psychosocial professionals have been training to use this intervention. Workshops have been supported by Children’s Oncology Group; Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses; Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers; and Society for Pediatric Psychologists (Hem/Onc special interest group).  

Resulting Publications