Connie Feiler, RN, MSN



Connie Feiler, RN, MSN, is the Director of Patient Education and Shared Decision Making for UPMC. She manages the patient education program at UPMC which is focused on ensuring patients and Health Plan members receive education to prepare them to manage their health care needs. Prior to this role, Ms. Feiler was the Director of Education at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC.  

In her previous role as Senior Manager at UPMC, she was part of the group that implemented the CARE Act at UPMC.  The CARE Act is a Pennsylvania state law promoting inclusion of caregivers during discharge education for hospital patients.  This work included educating clinical staff about the importance of giving patients the option to have caregivers present during discharge preparation.  It also involved partnering with Electroinic Health Record (EHR) experts to build fields within the EHR for documentation of caregiver involvement to evaluate the effectiveness of patient education. To that end, Ms. Feiler is part of the second tier of aim 3 of The Caregiver Project. The objective is to utilize data from electronic health records to evaluate compliance and patient outcomes following implementation of the CARE Act.